Are the MSM stoopid?

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Why of course they are. Labour has just released it’s fourth pledge card and Stuff has pretty much used Labours press release as a news story.

They even perpetuate the labour Lie that they have kept every pledge card promise since 1999.

We all know that is Bullsh**t.

Labour’s 1999 pledge card included the promise that there would be no new taxes to the 95 per cent of people who earned less than $60,000 per annum. But now 11 per cent of all taxpayers were paying the top rate, when it was 5% in 1999. On top of that, more than three dozen other taxes and levies had been created or increased.

  • Fringe benefit tax up from 49% to 64%.
  • Trust income tax up from 19.5% to 33%.
  • Resident withholding tax ? deduction rate on interest from either 19.5% or 33% to 39%.
  • Tobacco tax ? increase in the average cost of a packet of cigarettes from $7.20 to $8.20.
  • Petrol tax up 4.7c plus GST.
  • Import fee – $18 on all imported commercial goods for goods with a GST liability of more than $50.
  • Petrol ? ACC levy increased from 2.3c to 5.08c per litre.
  • Alcohol ? so-called ?sherry tax? ? increasing cost from $21 to $38 a litre for beverages with 14-23% alcohol content.
  • ACC levies ? farmers have faced a 74% hike in their ACC levies in the past three years.
  • ACC motor vehicle levies ? motorbike levy up by 57%.
  • Birth, death and marriage certificate fees increased by 42.9%.
  • Driver licence renewal fees increased from $29.50 to $44.30.
  • Fire service levy, household levy increased by 17.70% and increase in motorists? levy of 17.7% collected by insurance companies.
  • Fishing licence fee increase of 10%.
  • Cattle slaughtering levy increased up to 50% per head of slaughtered cattle.
  • Export education levy ? a $185 charge to institutions per foreign fee-paying student plus 0.45% of their tuition and course fees.
  • Fund withdrawal tax ? 5% tax on withdrawals of employer contributions to superannuation schemes for those earning above $60,000.
  • Border Security Bill – $20 million on importers and exporters for a service deemed public good.
  • Car ownership rego increased 14%.
  • Fuel excise and road user charges pegged to inflation, but no reduction on amount of taxes siphoned into the consolidated fund.
  • New levies on non-petrol driven vehicles increased from $176.10 to $221.31.
  • Increase in fuel excise levy of 5c per litre, and an equivalent rise in road user charges for light diesel vehicles.
  • Kyoto fund ? extra 1c per unit on electricity.
  • Kyoto fund ? extra 4c per litre on fuel.
  • 30% increase in road-user charges for diesel vehicles.