Back from OZ

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Well I am back from the warm sunny weather and the land of fantastic golf courses. Queensland weather is a pleasure to behold and the golf courses are spectacular. Played two rounds each day, one during the morning and one at night. Night golf seems to be very popular and driving the carts around looking for your ball is reasonably fun.

I have a couple of observations of Australia and Queensland in particluar;

  1. The Aussies have streamlined access to vice extremely well, you can gamble almost anywhere, they have drive through “bottlo’s” (more on this later), smoking is allowed almost anywhere, and hookers openly advertise.
  2. Political Correctness is just not tolerated anywhere or at any time. This a real shock to us sensitive Kiwis.
  3. They shorten almost every useful word to the ridiculous, examples are Fisho’s for Fishermen, Bottlo for Bottle Store, Servo for Petrol Station, there are many more but they escape me.
  4. Petrol is 40c a litre cheaper….obvious benefit for not signing up to Kyoto. There is also extreme antanognism towards any suggestion that Australia join.
  5. Corruptiion and bribery abounds at all levels of society. It is not uncommon to have 4 or 5 articles in paper about this or that commission investigating rorts and bribes in City Councils, State Government and Fenderal Government. That said however it is clear that the average Aussie is happy with their lot.
  6. Australians in general are far more polite towards everyday passers by.
  7. Australians do not speed, including their Prime Minister and when they do expect the FULL FORCE OF THE LAW to drop from a great on them.
  8. The tax breaks available to ordinary Aussies and to business owners are spectacular, they need to be to make up for all the red tape like Business Activity Statements, Payroll Taxes (that is tax just for employing people), GST complexities etc.

All together a great p-lace to visit and despite all of New Zealands present PC, Leftist Bullshit I would still like to live in New Zealand.


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