Bertrand Bargolias is still a sook

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It seems that Anonymous aka bertrand bargolias aka michael Wood the sooky la-la Labour candidate in Pakuranga is getting upset with Cathy and crying about being picked on by her. Of course he hasn’t blubbed to me yet and i don’t know if Insolent Prick has had a whimper either. He gets a regular old bashing from Cathy, Spooks, IP, TooRight and of course me.

Cathy however slams him back with this little beauty

Cathy Odgers said…

Dear Michael

Stop posting anonymous comments on my blog.

Your blog is boring crap, the only interesting comments on it are from insolent prick and several other right wing commentators.

You write like an intellectually handicapped dyslexic one legged mouse and you are so serious that I am sure even your own mother finds you dull to be around.

I am trying to get you more readers by referring those who do not like an interesting blog (ie.mine, IP’s or Aaron Bhatnagar’s or Dave Farrar’s) to your blog, but alas there have been no takers.

Quite simply – you suck. I am honest enough to just tell you.


31/8/05 5:17 PM

UPDATE: Insolent Prick is having a crack at poor wee Michael as well.


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