Comment of the day

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Over at DPF’s blog this comment was posted on Davids post regarding the massive welfare state Labour has created.

“Jesus Tristan even you cannot be this thick!
Let me explain at a level you might understand.
You come to school this morning with your lunch…there a big nasty bully slap you around the ears and takes your lunch off you.
Then they decide that you are dumb enough to con, so they give you a few mouthfuls back. You jump up and down shouting Jippeeee!!! The bully loves me enough to give me some food…
Or You can walk into school and just have your lunch, giving some out of the kindness of your heart to some others who have none.

Christ it is no wonder NZ id going where it is going with nonces like you about.”


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