David Lange Dies

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David Lange has passed away, but first he made sure we all knew what his colleagues were like. He was the consumate politican and perhaps the only Labour person who could have tipped out Muldoon at the time. The only sad thinig is that he took the famous “cup of tea” instead of a stiff brandy.

Some of those colleagues are still in Parliament and I predict that they will shamelessly use Davids passing for disgusting Political gain even though he viewed them as a “terrible lot of people”.

Interestingly in his book a little know secret has been revealed about his anti-nuclear stance.

“In 1983, he became leader and quickly tried to change the party’s anti-nuclear policy. He supported the ban on nuclear-armed ships, but had little objection to visits by nuclear-powered vessels. This caused a ruckus in the party, and Lange had to back down. “


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