Day 1 – PM's Motorcade Speeding case

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The Prime Minister’s motorcade had no legal right to be travelling at speeds over 140km an hour through Canterbury last July a court has heard.

The case against five police officers and a civilian driver began in the Timaru District Court this morning.

It is alleged that the motorcade travelled at speed in excess of 140km an hour and that nothing in the circumstances justified travelling at that speed.

Except of course the blinding obvious….Mrs Peter Davis ORDERED them to get to the Rugby on time any way possible.

The Crown plans to call 31 witness including several senior New Zealand police officers and the Prime Minister’s press secretary.

I can’t wait to see the defense.

After all the fuss and bother of the prosecution, I bet the defendants will all simply say Mrs Peter Davis told them to do it. I bet they will also say she was perfectly aware of the speed they were going, in fact, they will say, she asked them to go a bit faster.

If it was me in the dock that is certainly what I would be saying.


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