I don't get it….Rich get welfare benefits?

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Would someone please tell me the punch line.

Back in 1999 Labour said that they would increase taxes on rhe “Rich”. Back then that meant anyone earning over $60,000. Now by any strech of the imagination $60,000 is hardly “Rich”, but anyway that was the line that Labour took. $59,999=Poor, $60,000=Rich.

Move ahead to 2005 and Labour has poured buckets of Pork all over the electorate. Cynically calling it “Tax Relief” when we all know it is really a Social Welfare Benefit. In doing so they have created record numbers of new beneficiaries……and the threshold for receiving this benefit???? Anyone?…..Anyone????

$65,000!!! Labour has made (by their own definition) the “Rich” beneficiaries.

SO what does this mean for New Zealand, well my take on this is there is really no point in working anymore unless you can earn way over $65,000, up to that point you are simply a beneficiary. Labour has successfully increased it constituency by extend state largess to the wealthy.

If I was, god forbid, ever earning $65,000 I would take the benefit and buy another house using the benefit to assist with the mortgage. That house would be of course in a trust and the income from renting it remain in the trust so I didn’t affect my benefit.

Technically I could claim the highest benefit allowed as I do not “earn” even the minimum wage, so I could be in a position to cynically take every bribe on offer even the Student loan free money bribe and invest in several properties all because I do not “earn” enough money.

I won’t of course because that would be anathema to my core beliefs. the main belief being that the state is there for the needy not the wanty.

I am ashamed at the wanton lust for power shown by Labour, I am disgusted by their mendacity, and I am disappointed with my fellow Kiwis that are gleefully supporting this sad, shallow government.


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