I thought there wasn't a Brain Drain

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

A few years back there was a campaign to halt the Brain Drain, also back then the organiser was vilified and attacked by Labour, he was told he was a liar and the facts didn’t wash.

Now come election year we seem to have a Brain Drain that wasn’t.

We get a policy to stop people leaving with the student loans bribe and now we get a special website and a full blown campaign to encourage people back.

“The Government wants to make it easier for expats to come home and find the right job by giving them the best information about the country, economy and job opportunities,” Mrs Peter Davis said

Hmmm. They left because of you and your high tax, spend everything, bossy-boots attitude to government and everything in general.

“The key factors people consider when thinking about returning home are lifestyle, friends and family, and work and career.”

I would suggest to you that a key factor is also being able to get on with your life without an over-bearing state telling you what, where and how to think on everything.


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