I wondered how long it would take

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When I read the SST article on some old emails I thought here we go, must be some bad news for Labour and I wondered how long before the eminent spinners and liars of the Labour party would burst forth.

I was picking Mallard but he obviously is still picking shoe leather out of his teeth. Instead it was the Minister of Smarmy Bullshit Maharey attacking Nationals finances.

It is time for Don Brash to front-up to New Zealanders with the truth about the agenda behind his election bid and the people who are paying for it, says Cabinet Minister Steve Maharey.

Ok Steve, but only when you do about the thousands of dollars poured into your coffers by Unions, PLO, Communist China etc

“Are some of the other donors the likes of Michael Faye (sic) and David Richwhite? How much have they given you?

So what if they have Steve, they used to give to you….or have you forgotten…wasn’t it Labour that gave them their knighthoods….was this a case of Cash for Knighthoods?

“Can you once and for all put to bed the notion you’re getting assistance from overseas?

What about Labour, you have got cash from Australia, or did you forget that, and we are still waiting for Mallard to show us his proof….or was the little release of emails to the SST actually a Labour fabrication.

“Roger Kerr appears to have been involved in policy development. Just how much influence is the Business Round Table having over National’s agenda?”

Big beal, so what if he was. What about Labour, you haven’t disclosed who has been involved in policy development. How much influence did the PRC have in policy in order to get them to consider a free-trade deal?, how much input did Yasser Arafat have in order to have Goff hold his hand for the pictures?

Last words of wisdom for you Steve, slow down or get to be the Prime Minister so you can speed at will. Oh yeah and STFU.


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