If you ever needed proof

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If you ever needed proof that the Maori Party are nothing but greedy little f**kers, check out their latest wailings at the Herald.

It beggars belief the drivel that is uttered these days from this party. However it appears that they think treaty settlements have not been big enough.

There are two schools of thought on this one.

Firstly, give ’em nothing why should we anyway. Now I don’t atually go along with this one, itis reactionary and neglects the fact that there are some greivances.

Second option is to Give ’em heaps. When I say heaps i really mean heaps, like if the Maori Party said 2 billion would settle it then give ’em four billion. What ever number they come up with double it. Make it full and final. and I mean full and final.

Now I can hear all you rednecks out there saying WHAT!!! give them heaps, over our dead bodies. But stop and think about it for a bit. How fast do Maori chew through the cash? Think Tainui for an answer.

The economy would get its cash back real and I mean real fast with GST added in. It settles the greivances and for some will actually help (Think Ngai Tahu on this one).

Think about…oh and I know some w88ker out there will point to inflationary pressures blah blah blah, whatever!!


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