Labour now the flip-flop queens

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Labour has announced it’s fouth pledge card…..and surprise, surprise it is a copy of National’s policy on Treaty Settlements.

The Maori Party will be singing and dancing in the marae around the country over this one. Labour has just handed them all the Maori seats.

National never gets any votes worth a mention from Maori so it is understandable to run with this policy, apart from the fact that the policy is emminently sensible.

Labour of course is desperate to retain power and will flip-flop and bribe it’s way back into power any which way it can.

I seem to remember Mrs Peter Davis et al deriding Don Brash at Orewa for being rascist and divisive…..well, well, well hasn’t a few bad polls showed their true colours.


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