Labour's New Alphabet

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

A is for Arrogance, Anti-American

B is for Bribe, Bureaucrats, Bloody Idiot, Brain Drain

C is for Character Assassination

D is for Deceit, Doonegate

E is for Ego

F is for Forgery, Front Bums

G is for Gutter

H is for Hip Hop, Hypocrisy

I is for Ideology

J is for Junta

K is for Kyoto

L is for Lies, Lurid, Lolly scramble

M is for Motorcade

N is for Nanny State

O is for Odious

P is for Political Correctness, parsimonious, photoshop, paintergate, Public Access

Q is for Queers

R is for Retrospective Legislation, Rort

S is for Smarmy, Speeding, Spin, Stoning, Sleazy, Strikes

T is for Tax, and lots of it

U is for Unctious, Unions

V is for Viscious

W is for Welfare, Waste

X is for eXaggeration

Y is for Yasser Arafat

Z is for Zealot


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