Lange on Labour

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Quote of the year has to go to David Lange in his soon to be released memoirs.

“Dear God! What a terrible lot of people they were! It is hard to believe I used to think so much of them.”

And who was he referring to?

Russell Marshall“shallow, shabby, endlessly self-seeking”
Chris Laidlaw“self-centred and indolent”
Bob Hawke“His language was frequently obscene and he was steeped in the culture of mateship, which for me was never a good starting point,” and “There was no end to his vanity.”
Helen Clark“I do not remember her buying into any fight we ever had in Cabinet. She was by her own account a survivor: as long as her paddock had a good sole of grass the firestorm could consume the rest.”
Michael Bassett“venonmous”
Michael Cullen“sometimes close to tears”


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