Lefties need to get a life

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Having just got back from Australia and following the great Tax debate from afar and the whinings and musings of the Left over whether the Don was sexist or not, I am left bemused by how petty and pathetic the left has become.

I refrained from commenting while away, mainly because everyone else was and also blogging over dialup sucks like a Dyson vacuum cleaner. But reaaaalllly, after reviewing Jordans whining and other left wing blogs I am left with the impression that these guys need to explore the world a bit and get out from their seedy government paid jobs and get a life.

I am now going to cut down my blog reading to perhaps three or four as they are the ones that have the most useful things to say, even though I don’t always agree with them. So here is a quick summary of my preferred and not preferred blogs.

Preferred Right Blogs
David Farrar – I have not always seen eye to eye with David in the past nor now, but generally he has thoughtful and considered responses to everything. He is far more patient with the blatherings of the left than me.
Sir Humphreys – these guys crack me up, they are clever and witty and scathing of the left, but with well thought out positions. The left must view these guys as dangerous from the amount of frothing about them over there.
Aaron Bhatnagar – well thought out writing and coverage of local Auckland issues
Cathy Odgers – another crack up and sooooo Politically incorrect she should get a medal.
Gman – short, to the point, no waffle and funny

Preferred Left Blogs
Just Left – Although Jordan needs a life and tends to have a snivelling way of writing it is refreshing to get an insight into the warped way that leftist think.
Bertrand Bargolias – I read this to remind me that when I become President for Life i will ban anyone who took 6 years to get a BA and has never worked in a real job from ever being allowed anywhere remotely near ay position of power. This guy just spouts the party line and almost never ever has an opinion of his own. He has a little guardian though a guy called Anonymous who from his responses is almost as snivelly as Cullen. This is a great site for leftie baiting as Anonymous almost always responds to the bait.


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