Mallard treading fine line between fact and fiction

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Mallard has issued another missive, this time berating National’s education policy.

Most of it is typical nasty vindictive personalisation of the issue and typical socialist directives.

The worst line that may in fact lead to a spot more bother is at the bottom where he says

* For the source of National’s education policy See Reform Directions: Schools in Policy Directions for New Zealand Education, by Norman LaRocque of the Business Roundtable, October 2004

There is no link to that document at the Business Round Table now is there any proof that this is indeed the source of the policy. Mallard is simply speculating, unless of course they have more “borrowed” documents taken illegally from Don Brash’s laptop by a so far unnamed Labour supporter.

If it is true, then so what!! At least National sourced policy input from proven leaders and successes rather than Labours sources of union bosses.

Anyway, a comphrehensive search of the Business Roundtable site for the document proved fruitless as did a Google search, however I did find a Powerpoint on the subject matter that was presented to an ACT meeting in October 2004. I even searched the Education Forum and found nothing there.

The developments over the last few days coupled with Mallards previous statements regarding funding of the National Party ushers in a sinister new turn in politics where illegal activity appears to have be either instigated or condoned by the Labour Party who are also now implicated by possession of the documents.

Clearly the world is not as Jordan and his apologist pals see it, Labour is not fighting on policy and substance they are fighting with personal denigration and slander. So much for the “positive” campaign that Labour so often says it is going to use.

If this is positive I would hate to see when they turn negative. i mean tonihjt they are ridiculing Don Brash and John key with their Don/Key ad.

I mean, I ask you, Who do want in charge of the economy in the this country?

A bunch of broken-arsed nobody’s that probably don’t have a Million between them and who have never employed anyone from their own pocket ever or held down a job that wasn’t paid for by the state or a Union.

Or, a party with a couple of self-made millionaires who have sacrified the cushy life to give something back to the country that enabled them to do well.

I know what my answer is I follow the Leaders and Wealth Makers not the Dictators and Wealth Takers.


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