Mrs Peter Davis caught out

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As I always suspected Mrs Peter Davis was the one behind the Mugabe-like motorcade decision to speed.

In the Herald this morning

“The Prime Minister and her press secretary made the decision to get the next possible flight out of Christchurch, which in turn led to their high-speed journey through Canterbury, says the officer in charge of the speeding motorcade. “

and this

“He said the Prime Minister had earlier thanked police for a “heroic” drive to Christchurch.


“I believed it was the Prime Minister of New Zealand and we were doing it legally.”

The Prime Minister has made this election one of integrity and honesty. It is now time for her to come clean, admit her failings and promptly resign.

It is untenable now, given the evidence before us for her to say she had no knowledge of the trip. No one seriously believes she was so engrossed in paperwork that she didn’t notice anything. I challenge anyone to sit in a Ford and do try to do paperwork at 150km/h let alone 100km/h. BMW a Ford isn’t.

Time is up Mrs Peter Davis, your spin, lies and deceit are unwelcome.


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