"Probity"!!! Pigs Arse!!!

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Labour apologist Jordan Carter said on his blog “Their attacks on the probity of Helen Clark are going down like a cup of cold sick”

I thought to myself “probity”, “probity”, now that is the most absurd adjective to describe Mrs Peter Davis I have ever seen.

Dictionary.com has the definition of probity.

probity \PRO-bih-tee\
Tried virtue or integrity; approved moral excellence; honesty; uprightness.

I fail to see how this word can remotely be used to describe Mrs Peter Davis in any way shape or form.

She has no visible virtue, integrity, approved moral excellence, any honesty at all and the only uprightness exhibited is the fact she can stand up.

This is proof positive that JC (Jordan Carter, not Jesus Christ) has more than rose tinted glasses on…it also proves that the sky is definately not blue in his world but rather a rosy shade of Red.


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