Proof positive Maori Party in la-la land

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I’ve heard it all now, the Maori Party co-Leader reckons that DAH has been picked on because she is Maori and a victim of a racist justice system.

Donna Awatere Huata is the victim of a racist justice system, say Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples and candidate Hone Harawira. Awatere Huata was convicted in Auckland District Court last week of defrauding the Pipi Foundation, and was remanded in custody awaiting sentence next month. The Serious Fraud Office is seeking a sentence of at least two years’ jail.

What patent nonsense. If this is the sort of crap they will spout when in Parliament, they don’t deserve to be there.

Here are some more stupid quotes from these dumb-asses. (My comments in bold)

“Maori people up and down the country are not surprised by what’s happened because it happens to them all the time. (Because they commit crimes!!!) How many corporate guys go to jail? (Lots) This is her first time (offending) and she’s going to jail.” (She is a thief and a fraudster and did this when she was a representative of the people, good job)

“If this was a middle-class person from Remuera, there’s no question they’d be dealt with so harshly.” (Really, who says…firstly show me a middle-class person from Remuera, secondly show me one who tickled the till and didn’t go to jail)

“There are many cases where people have been treated lightly for fraud or have got off with no punishment,” (Prove it)

“There’s an element of racism in it and I’m going to be vocal about it.” (Where was the racism, was it because you think Maori should rape and pillage tax payer funded accounts for their own gain?)

There will be protests, big time, from Maori and I will lead the charge.” (down the path of destruction)

“There are too many Maori in jail and they can’t all be criminals.”(Ummm, yep they are)

Awatere Huata was a good leader and mother and was totally honest (beg to differ here, wasn’t she just convicted of tickling the till), Harawira said. “She ain’t Jesus by any stretch of the imagination, but she is committed to her values.” (Those values would be what?, Committing fraud?, stealing?, lying? etc….Oh wait perhaps Labour will take her in, they seem to have a prerequisite for those things to get in)

I think the Maori Party would have a better angle saying that the Prime Minister got off a Prima Facie case of Forgery so why can’t Donna get let off over a few little coins that were just “resting” in her account.

The only shame about this is that Mrs Peter Davis isn’t keeping her company.