Queensland Labor in trouble

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Arrived here in sunny Queensland and quickly heard the news of the weekend where the Labor Government of Premier Beattie took a beating in two byelections. Many ex-pat Kiwis are also asking how long before the arrogance of Labour in New Zealand can be defeated….the answer of course is not sure, but one thing is for sure the nastiness that we have experienced thus far can only be set to increase as labour becomes increasingly desperate.

Why do I say desperate when the polls all put Labour in front?….simple, Poll Lag. Labour’s own polling show that WF(Other Peoples)F has been a massive miscalculation and Mrs Davis and Cullen vitriol is now turning off voters.

Anyway, played night golf last night, first time I have done this, but heaps of fun. Off today to play golf again then off to the Casino to watch other people pour money into the coffers of the casino.


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