Some questions for Mrs Peter Davis

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Q. Given the testimony of your Press Secretary and I quote “My recollection is that the driving, while at times fast, was safe and sort of reasonable in terms of the motorcades I had experienced over the years”, How many motorcades have you been in that exceeded the speed limit?

Q. You Press Secretary has intimated to the court that his experience of motorcades has been gained over “years” and has also stated that the one is question was “safe and reasonable” in terms of other motorcades, my question therefore is, Which motorcades have you participated in that exceeded 172km/h?

Q. Your Press Secretary considers that 172km/h is “safe and reasonable”, what do you think is a “safe and reasonable speed”?

Q. A question about integrity and honesty…Have you ever been found to have committed a prima facie case of forgery?

Q. Again a question about honesty and integrity…Have you ever lied about your comments regarding Peter Doone to any newspaper?


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