Tell us the truth Prime Minister

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So what is the real “truth” over the motorcade?

Were you engrossed in paperwork?…..any one I know who reads in a car usually spews after a short time, I can’t believe that one.

Were you talking in great detail with Jim Sutton?….mmm can’t believe this either….I mean how can anyone seriously believe you could have held an indepth discussion with Sutton? He would be out of his depth in a car park puddle.

Or, Do we believe a sworn officer of the law with no history of forgery or deceit?

“Most definitely aware of what was going on in front of her and around her, and I can’t recall her being engrossed in any paperwork.”

“She was smiling and appeared to be enjoying the ride is how I would put it.”

“She was looking in my direction past her driver…I don’t know if she could see the speedo or not…she was definitely looking in my direction and I was looking at her face in the glimpses that I could see”

Tell the truth Prime Minister……stop telling lies.

I believe the cop… do most other Kiwis.


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