This is why people can't be bothered reporting crime

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Hamilton police are no longer automatically attending burglaries, as part of an initiative to “streamline” investigations.

“Streamline investigations” = Can’t be Arsed

How ridiculous is this? The Police are “streamlining” investigations!!! How exactly does this streamline investigations into burglaries where all the evidence is at the premises. This is just a rort to say they have “responded” to the report of a burglary.

Hamilton is currently being hit hard by burglars, with 213 homes robbed in the last month, compared with 197 in August last year.

So much for the drop in reported crime.

“The police can only do so much about burglary,Burglary is a community problem and police cannot tackle the issue alone. We need people to be vigilant and to do as much as possible to prevent their homes being burgled.”

What he didn’t say was because if you do that we won’t have to deal with it and the crime will have moved on and more importantly it won’t have been reported..


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