Which is it minister? Dropping? or not Dropping?

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Even the Police are in line with the the rest of mainstream New Zealand in not believing the Crime Statistics.

The problem is clear to all, the statistics are for recorded crime, but Kiwis are now becoming so used to cops not turning up that they don’t even bother “recording” crime anymore.

Senior Constable Craig Prior of Christchurch said he had criminals in his car admit to carrying out 100 car break-ins in a night, but only three complaints arose.

Mark Leys, a Police Association representative in Counties Manukau, told of a man linked to 15 burglaries in Manurewa who admitted carrying out a further 60. Most had not been reported.

Mr Leys himself had not reported two thefts of property from his car, and an experienced Christchurch officer, whose vehicle was hit three times, reported none of them.

“I know there’s so little chance of catching the person. I think that would be the line of thinking for many people,” he said.

This is in line with drops in recrded crimes like burglary, I know for sure that the Police in Counties Manaukau have discouraged the local business associations from reporting suspicious activity etc so their stats don’t blow out.

Hhowever the galring statistic which no one except astute bloggers have reported on was the increase in violent crime.


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