Worm boring much better viewing anywhere else

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I started to watch the Leaders debate, but after seeing Labour had sent someone else other than the Prime Minister I was suddenly dis-interested. I mean how could that person have been the Prime Minister she looked nothing like the images on the billboards and the pledge cards so she must have been a ring in. After all if it is on a billboard and on a Pledge card it must be real.

NZ politics has finally stooped to having stunt doubles.

Anyway, I thought that the shit fight on [email protected] on Sky between snivelling Pete Hodgson and Maurice Williamson was much better viewing. This is the politics that I enjoy watching. Two protagonists slugging it out, bashing each other.

Also on Prime was Dr Who, this also proved much better viewing than the debate with Daleks running around saying teh only line they know “Exterminate”. What a policy platform huh….even the dullest Police Minister could remeber that policy platform. Still even that couldn’t hold me so back to the slugfest on Sky again.

Finally it all came to an end when Ultimate Force started on UKTV….now I know these are repeats, but even repeats are better than the last 5 minutes of the Leaders debate.


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