You've gotta love left wing nutters

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

We now have the CTU accusing National of killing workers in advance.

“It is clear that a National Government elected on a bribe of tax cuts would be at the cost of workers’ lives,” said CTU president Ross Wilson.

He also in that statement perpetuates the myth that Tax Cuts are a bribe…..I fail to see how I am being bribed by the potential government saying they want to take less of my money because they have quite enough already. (Corrected thanks to Anonymous)

On the other hand the Student loans issues can clearly be called a bribe because someone benefits at someone elses expense for pure political gain. Tax Cuts however benefit all.

He also goes on to say

“Not only will National increase workplace deaths but they will also put themselves on a collision course with employers if they do this”

Now call me a cynic but where exactly has National pledged to increase workplace deaths?…..No-where is where.


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