September 2005

No Winners, Only Losers

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Excellant article about the morass in Germany by Dan Coats who served as U.S. Ambassador to Germany from 2001-2005 and U.S. Senator from 1989-1999.

With a quick find and replace it could almost be an article about New Zealand.

A little over week ago, observers on both sides of the Atlantic and both sides of the political spectrum were calling September 18 a crossroads for Germany: Either Germany would choose the path of free-market reform or continue down the path of status-quo statism. But the observers were wrong. Rather than giving Angela Merkel a mandate to change course or Gerhard Schroeder a mandate to stay the course, the German electorate simply froze in the middle of the intersection. And that’s a dangerous place to be, as anyone who has tried to cross a busy Berlin street knows.

On the political front, it is evident now more than ever that Germans may talk about wanting reform but they do not want to endure the change needed to bring about reform. For a majority of Germans change represents not an opportunity but a threat—and it’s enough to paralyze a country. To choose the path of reform is to take a risk on the unknown, a frightening prospect for many Germans. It’s frightening because Germany has lost its confidence, its sense that tomorrow can be better than today.

You too can be like Mrs Peter Davis

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No need for plastic surgery you just need a good air brusher like Glenn Feron.

PC brought this to my attention so I thought I would look through. I was gobsmacked by the pure skill and genius of this guy.

My personal favourite is this one. And that is the before shot.

I searched and searched, but apparrently he hasn’t worked on Mrs Peter Davis.

Un-Fucking- Believable

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This from NBR Blog;

The Caretaker government is not sitting on its hands. Late last week it announced a $1 million handout to Palestinians without requiring them to give up terrorism. Mr Clinton had this to say at the Global Initiative mentioned above: “When we signed the peace agreement 12 years ago, the very next day I had a few hundred Arab-American and Jewish-American business people together in the [White House] and asked them to invest in Gaza and the West Bank. And they — a lot of them said — stood up and said they would. Then the first time a terrorist bomb went off, they didn’t. It didn’t matter they were Jewish-American or Arab-American. They didn’t feel they could risk their money.” Mr Clinton was double-crossed by Yasser Arafat. Mr Goff still hasn’t learned from his late friend. Ariel Sharon, whom Mr Goff didn’t want to meet, knows better.

This serious shit….giving these guys a million bucks when we only have a caretaker government.

Is this the first installment for keeping the Greens happy outside of a coalition?

Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead

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No, not Helen…. Unfortunately.

Donna Awatere Huata was today sentenced to 2yrs, 9mths in jail for stealing from a Maori trust set up to help under-privileged children.

Her husband Wi Huata was sentenced to 2yrs, which he can apply for home detention.

The couple was found guilty of four joint charges of fraud and one joint charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Awatere Huata was found guilty of one individual charge of fraud and not guilty of another fraud charge.

The Serious Fraud Office said the duo stole $82,000 from the Government funded Pipi Foundation and then tried to cover up their crime by altering the books and asking people to lie for them.

…pssst…El Jefe, do you know any good painters or tilers?

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El Jefe evidence continues to pour out

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From Rodney Hide’s blog

I spoke to a principal of a South Auckland school yesterday who had had families turn up with letters from Taito saying please enrol the following children.

Of course, the school considered it highly inappropriate to receive such a letter of instruction from an MP and Minister. And on checking it was discovered the children had no entitlement to schooling in New Zealand.

The families were hugely disappointed on being told their children were not to be enrolled. They believed that their letter from Taito was like gold.

The inquiry needs to be widened. Why was Taito Phillip Field writing these letters, just how many of them were sent to schools in South Auckland, and were some of these children actually enrolled?

It’s no wonder that Helen Clark is trying to keep a tight lid on the Taito Phillip Field story. My wonder is why Winston Peters and Peter Dunne are letting her.

One wonders if they had to pay some sort of “service” for the letter.

UPDATE: NewsTalkZB is headlining the latest revelations.

Inaugural Monthly Cupid Stunt award goes to

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the Police and LTNZ for wasting money on a lame horse called Dontdrinkanddrive.

A horse recruited to deliver an anti-drink-driving message has been injured and may never make it to the starting gate.

The horse was lame, Land Transport New Zealand spokeswoman Janice Rodenburg said yesterday.

It beggars belief what else will be revealed as a complete waste of taxpayers money this year.

Congratulations to Septembers winners of the Cupid Stunt award.

Statement's by El Jefe's friends

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El Jefe today released two documents from his friends the painters, linked below.

Interesting that the second statement mentions that she is “a member of the Labour Party Thai Branch in Mangere. Mr Field has a good relationship with [their] group”

This document somewhat confirms that the Labour Party was well aware of El Jefe’s dodgey dealings with Thai overstayers. With paid up members of the party involved, nobody can claim that the Labour hierarchy was oblivious to everything.

Statement by Phongphat Chaikhunpol

Statement by Jinda Thaivichit

I just got polled by Roy Morgan

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I was just polled by Roy Morgan, here is the list of questions as best as I can read my scrawl. my comments of the question are in []

  1. Marijuana – should be legal or illegal?
  2. Religion in Schools once a week – Yes or No?
  3. Am I registered to vote?
  4. Do I vote, sometimes, most times or always? [I almost said “early and often”, the Labour party mantra]
  5. Which party would I give my electorate vote to? [Strange this one]
  6. Which party would I give my Party Vote to?
  7. Am I better off or worse off than last year? [compared to what? Mentally, physically, financially?, dumb question]
  8. Do I think I will be better off or worse off next year? [see 7 above]
  9. Do I think NZ will experience good times or bad times in the next 12 months?
  10. Do I think NZ will experience good times or bad times in the next 5 years?
  11. Is it a good time or bad time to buy household items?
  12. Do I smoke factory made cigarettes?
  13. Do I smoke roll your own cigarettes?

Then there were a whole bunch of demographic questions re: Age, income etc and finally the last two questions;

  1. Is NZ going in the right or wrong direction?
  2. If an election was held tomorrow would I vote for NZ First, Labour or National? [Yup, only three choices]

Leftism and Hysteria

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If you want to understand the Left, the best place to start is with an understanding of hysteria. Leading leftists either use hysteria as a political tactic or are actually hysterics.

Take almost any subject the Left discusses and you will find hysteria.

So says Dennis Prager at RealClearPolitics.

He goes on to say the following about;

The war in Iraq: It is not enough for leftist opponents of the war to argue that the war is a mistake, was initiated due to faulty intelligence, or is being poorly prosecuted. Rather they charge that President Bush lied, that the war was waged for Halliburton, and that America is engaged in a criminal and imperialist enterprise. Each charge is a form of hysteria.

Risks to health: Not everyone who believes the hysterical claims of danger made about secondhand smoke, baby formula, dodgeball or Bextra is on the Left. But the Left leads the country in hysteria over dangers to health. That is why leftist organizations are generally incapable of merely saying that something is unhealthy. The danger must be described as the killer of hundreds of thousands and often be ascribed to some murderous corporate conspiracy.

Environment: More people may be attacked by aardvarks in any given year than visit the remote and frozen region of Alaska known as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). It is the home, however, of vast oil reserves and many caribou. Good people can differ on whether or not to drill for oil there. But the rhetoric of the Left is hysterical. Listening to leftist organizations one would think that drilling would bring no benefit to America and would render the caribou virtually extinct. None of this is true. It is all drama.

Likewise there is largely hysteria over global warming and the charge that man — especially Homo Americanus — is the cause of it. The great number of scientists who claim that we are in a normal warming period or in no major weather change at all are ignored. Only the most hysterical scenarios are offered by the Left. Witness the reasons given for Hurricane Katrina. Yet even The New York Times reported that scientists are virtually unanimous in denying that the hurricane has anything to do with global warming.

Racism: There is no worse charge than racism. Acting hatefully toward people because of their skin color is among the most vile acts a person can engage in. Yet the Left throws that charge around as if it were the essence of the American people (which, come to think of it, is what many on the Left believe). Most of the time, however, the charge of racism — such as when it is directed at opponents of race-based affirmative action — is just another example of hysteria.

Christianity: Most on the Left really believe that this country is on the verge of a theocracy because George W. Bush is an evangelical Christian, because the words “under God” are still in the Pledge of Allegiance, and because most Americans don’t think marriage ought to be redefined.

There are more examples, but these are the ones most readily identifiable to New Zealanders.

Finally he concludes with

No event is free of leftist hysteria. On the third day after Katrina, civil rights activist Randall Robinson reported that blacks in New Orleans were resorting to cannibalism. Indeed, most of the news media coverage bordered on the hysterical. Not to mention the hysterical predictions of 10,000-plus dead in New Orleans. [Real death toll is 1086, updated by Whaleoil]

None of this is to deny that the Right also gets hysterical. Some right-wing reactions to immigration and Terry Schiavo provide such examples.