Afghan democracy marks a war-on-terror victory

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Good article in the San Diego Union-Tribune from Robert J. Caldwell, bet you don’t see anything here about this.

Six million Afghans braved terrorist threats last Sunday to vote in Afghanistan’s parliamentary and provincial government elections. You would hardly know it from the underwhelming press coverage but this marks a major success for the Bush administration’s geo-political strategy of building democracy as an antidote to terrorism and Islamic extremism.

Since a U.S.-led international coalition and its Afghan allies ousted the terrorist-harboring Taliban regime in November 2001, this is what Afghans have accomplished:

  • Wrote and ratified a democratic national constitution providing for popular election of a president, parliament and local government councils.
  • Overwhelmingly elected a pro-Western moderate, Hamid Karzai, as president.
  • Successfully organized and conducted nationwide elections to choose from among 6,000 candidates for 249 parliamentary seats plus legislative councils in each of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.

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