An encounter with a PSA union Rep

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I just had a little pleasant encounter with a certified paid up member of the PSA and a union rep to boot.

She was picking up something bought of TradeMe and commented that she was working on the weekend for the election.

I enquired what she was doing and she said that she was apid to do so and was working for the local returning officer. We carried on chatting and she told me she was a Union rep in the PSA and in Ann Hartley electorate (Northcote).

I was interested to see what she thought about the PSA spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising and agitating on behlaf of Labour. She told me that she was a died in the wool Labour voter for many a year but enough is enough. She cited the blatant electioneering and control of Labour by the unions. She believes firmly that unions should be Unions and not actively involved in political shit stirring.

She also said she would be voting for Jonathon Coleman in the electorate and Greens for the Party vote. Strange but true….it seems she couldn’t bring herself to vote for the sisterhood of Labour but had to keep a left vote their somewhere and she said Jonathon coleman had been very good at public meetings at getting his message across…”better than that other useless Labour woman”.

She was a very nice lady if somewhat confused by voting green, but hey not everyone is enlightened.


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