Blogger suggestion gaining momentum

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

In the Wall Street Journal they have picked up TTLB’s Porkbuster suggestion that pork be slashed to pay for Katrina reconstruction.

Facing opposition from committed Pork Barrel politicians like Don Young of Alaska the WSJ intones.

But thankfully, a grassroots Internet campaign and a handful of House GOP conservatives have refused to give up on the idea that spending cuts should be found to defray the estimated $200 billion federal price tag for hurricane relief. In the Senate, John McCain is proposing a similar pork-for-Katrina swap.

The Internet campaign picks up on the idea of revisiting the earmarks in the Highway Bill. A Web site called Porkbusters ( helpfully lists these projects by state and directs readers to the appropriate Representatives and Senators to ask what they would cut. Around the country a flood of letters to local newspapers has echoed the theme.

I can see another Sir Humphrey’s project in this one to add to the Labour Scandals, a project that I would gladly assist with.


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