Can you spell Fa‘aleaga, El Jefe?

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

It appears there is much more to discover in feif-dom (or is that theif-dom) of Mangere.

The list of rorts, embezzlement, sweatshop labour and god knows what else gets longer by the day.

We now hear that the Matai Mafiosa El Jefe has made well over 500 representations on immigration cases in the past five years – with around 100 in the three months before the election alone.

How many of those people got tickled for a little “contribution”?

Something is definately Fa‘aleaga in the faoa-‘a‘ai of Mangere, with a capital F.

I wonder now if Mrs Peter Davis still stands by her assertion that “the only thing of which Taito Philip Field is guilty is being helpful.”

She also said “Mr Field was making representation on someone’s behalf as MPs often do. She says if they cannot do that, they might as well shut the electorate office doors.”

If this is typical of Labour representation then there is a hell of lot more investigating to go.


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