Fear or arrogance?

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

You’ve got to wonder what’s going on upstairs when a frontbench minister’s campaign manager needs to comment when National candidates have been… shock horror… campaigning!

I’ve never met Shale Chambers before, but I never thought he’d make such daft comments. Lets see: “If more of your National Party team actually lived in the electorate you would know only too well what the Labour Party has been doing…”

Now that’s a bit of contradiction. Doesn’t Phil Goff live outside of Mt Roskill too? Indeed he does: Goff P B & M E – Creightons Rd R D 2 Papakura.

What about our friend Shale, the one expounding such high electoral standards? Oh, looks like he doesn’t live in Mt Roskill either! Shale might need to learn to practise what he preaches.

Next daft comment: “Of course most Labour Party people actually have jobs”. Well yes, we knew that. Labour party people love to suck off the public tit. It seems Shale does too, alongside his partner, Auckland City’s leading leftie, Glenda Fryer.

Cheers to Aaron’s commentators for their fine research.


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