Fence-sitters Anonymous

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It must be hard being a fence sitter. You have to try to please both sides of the great divide and publish press releases with no substance what so ever.

So Peter Dunne doesn’t like National’s policy of treating all New Zealander’s equally and ending racial sepratism. Well… he kind of does… but because he continues to avoid actually committing to anything but “common-sense”, Mr Dunne has to offer yet another half-way statement:

United Future leader Peter Dunne today called on National to drop its “totally
divisive” policy of simply getting rid of the Maori seats. “United Future does
believe the Maori seats should go – but we don’t support a crash-through-or-burn
approach to an important and sensitive constitutional issue.”

Aside from my belief that Maori seats are in fact a form of rasicm, it is extremely annoying when people, especially politicians, can’t make up their mind about something and take the easy way out.

Peter Dunne should have the courage of his convictions and declare UF’s support for abolishing Maori seats, especially if he expects to be in coalition in 4 days time. Along with National, he would certainly be doing Maori a favour by delivering equality to all New Zealanders and giving everybody equal opportunity in this country.


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