Human Rights tribunal sent discrimination case

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A probation officer who sparked a row when she refused to sit behind men at a Maori ceremony has gone to the Human Rights Review Tribunal to get some satisfaction.

Ms Bullock was given an oral warning for refusing to sit behind men at a poroporoaki, or farewell, for a group of male offenders at a graduation ceremony last December.

Quite rightly she complained it was sexist.

Ludicrously, the Corrections Department disciplined her for her insensitivity to Maori protocol and for embarrassing the department. I mean really, for fucks sake this is taking things a little too far.

After Ms Bullock persistently (and IMHO justifiably) spoke to journalists about the incident, she was suspended on full pay.

So lets get this straight;

Maori Protocol is disrespectful to Women, but that ok because they are only women.
Maori Protocol is getting elected with half as many votes as anyone else, but thats ok becasue we have had Maori seats for ever.
Maori Protocol is calling anyone who speaks out about their own rights “Racist” as though Maori are the only people with rights in this country.

Perhaps it should be this way;
Maori Protocol is sexist
Maori Protocol is discrimination
Maori Protocol is racist

One law for all.


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