I just got polled by Roy Morgan

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I was just polled by Roy Morgan, here is the list of questions as best as I can read my scrawl. my comments of the question are in []

  1. Marijuana – should be legal or illegal?
  2. Religion in Schools once a week – Yes or No?
  3. Am I registered to vote?
  4. Do I vote, sometimes, most times or always? [I almost said “early and often”, the Labour party mantra]
  5. Which party would I give my electorate vote to? [Strange this one]
  6. Which party would I give my Party Vote to?
  7. Am I better off or worse off than last year? [compared to what? Mentally, physically, financially?, dumb question]
  8. Do I think I will be better off or worse off next year? [see 7 above]
  9. Do I think NZ will experience good times or bad times in the next 12 months?
  10. Do I think NZ will experience good times or bad times in the next 5 years?
  11. Is it a good time or bad time to buy household items?
  12. Do I smoke factory made cigarettes?
  13. Do I smoke roll your own cigarettes?

Then there were a whole bunch of demographic questions re: Age, income etc and finally the last two questions;

  1. Is NZ going in the right or wrong direction?
  2. If an election was held tomorrow would I vote for NZ First, Labour or National? [Yup, only three choices]

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