Its Official…Dictator move to silence opposition

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In more disturbing news this morning we have two more clear incidents of a dictator government moving to hush up opposition to itself.

Firstly there was Mrs Peter Davis and her over-reaction to a flippant comment by a pilot that then led him to be suspended and sent to a re-education camp.

Then there was a Minister of the Crown physically and sexually assaulting a member of the public who was simply holding a sign up.

And this morning we hear that there were more thugs in attendance at Otago university than just Minister Hodgson.

Dunedin man David Bisman said he witnessed the whole incident and claimed Labour Party supporters were ripping posters out of the hands of protesters before the alleged altercation between Mrs Flannagan and Mr Hodgson. Mr Bisman described the Labour Party supporters as “bullies”.

Further Sean Plunkett has been suspended because he repeatedly asked Jeanette Fitzsimons to apologise to the National Party for their incorrect smears of organising a pamphlet that was critical of the Greens.

And of course there is the “in depth investigation” by State funded media organisations of a private organisations self funded leaflets without similar investigation of the Government and its illegal use of the Parliamentary Crest, Bus shelter ads, Union stooges mailing hundreds and thousands of letters and factually incorrect Union pamphlets and ads.

All of this adds up to Mugabe style suppression of opposition and free speech by an arrogant and self centred government.


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