Just what Labour didn't need – an Immigration scandal

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TVNZ has released information regarding two Cabinet Ministers in a “jobs/cash for favours” immigration scandal.

A home being built in a Pacific paradise is becoming a political embarrassment for two ministers in the New Zealand government.

The house in Samoa belongs to Labour’s deputy Pacific Affairs Minister Taito Philip Field.

He arranged for an illegal Thai immigrant facing deportation to travel to Samoa to work on his home, while he lobbied a ministerial colleague to give the man and his deported wife New Zealand work permits.

In March Thai overstayer Sunan Siriwan appealed to Field for help after his de facto wife and child were deported from New Zealand.

Williams was at the meeting and he claims Field became very interested when he found out Siriwan was a tiler.

Williams says Field said he was building a house and he had 400 square metres of tiling to do. “He asked him if he was an expert tiler and if he could do the job and it escalated from there,” Williams told One News.

The minister paid for Siriwan and Williams to fly to Samoa, where the tiling job was carried out.

Then in May Field made a personal representation to associate Immigration Minister Damien O’Connor asking for work permits to be granted for Sunan Siriwan and his de facto wife.

O’Connor granted the couple two year work permits, saying in a letter: “It is not my normal practice to intervene in the established immigration application process, however I have decided to make an exception in this case.”

Oh dear, oh dear this is looking very shabby indeed. if it looks like a rort and smells like a rort then it most probably is a rort.

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UPDATE(2): Our internal sources tell us that the dubious Minister attended a meet the candidates night this evening. Any hint of regret/remorse??… NADA

Oh….and somebody should tell him to slow it down in the Crown LTD, especially when he’s giving his mates a ride home! We don’t want him having to hand it back with fines owing to uncle George!

UPDATE (3) – Big applause to my fellow shareholder Idiot/Savant over at No Right Turn calling for the sacking of Field.


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