Labour gets low mark on schools and health

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

A new poll spells more bad news for Labour, showing most voters believe health and education services are worse than when it got into power.

Asked if the health system had improved or deteriorated during the past six years, 20 per cent said it had improved, and 36 per cent said it had got worse. Thirty-six per cent thought it had stayed the same.

Asked about education, 16 per cent said the system was better, 53 per cent said it was worse and 22 per cent said it was the same.

Labour has poured billions of extra taxpayer dollars into health and education, traditionally pressure points for governments in their second term with little or no perceived benefit.

As they say in sales “perception is reality”. Well Mrs Peter Davis the perception is you suck, so I guess, well, You suck.


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