Mrs Peter Davis is getting puce faced

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

No kids Lesbo“, “scrubber” and “Liar” seem to be terms that only the Prime Money Waster heard.

She has burst forth ina vitriolic attack on Brash and National supporters at the last Leaders debate. This is the debate she supposedly won…..why now is she spewing vitriol 6 days after the event? Why indeed?

Lets see what she is upset about…..Is it the “no kids” part?….surely not, thats true. What about the “lesbo” part….well she could be upset about that I guess, but then she would be being a little sensitive. “Scrubber”? Yep could be upset about that, I give her that one. Finally “Liar“…..can’t really be updet about that one after all there was a prima facie case of forgery to answer and then there is the “African Dicatator style” motorcade stories, which is really a kind way of saying lies, and then there is serious doubt over her version of events in the plane and finally her selective and exclusive hearing at the debates…..nope, she can’t really be upset over “Liar“.


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