Mrs Peter Davis reckons we should follow their lead

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Mrs Peter Davis reckons on the International stage we should follow along in the footsteps of the United Nations.

This despite a finding today that shows the UN has followed “illicit, unethical and corrupt behaviour”.

Particularly in relation to the Oil for Food Scandal.

The investigation by the Independent Inquiry Committee, headed by Paul Volcker, the former US Federal Reserve chairman, to be released in full this week, says the United Nations was ill-equipped to handle a programme of that magnitude “or even programmes of a lesser scope.

FOXNews also reports;

The report said lax oversight of the program allowed Saddam’s regime to pocket $1.8 billion in kickbacks in the awarding of the contracts.

The committee also accused top U.N. officials and the powerful U.N. Security Council of turning a blind eye to the smuggling of Iraqi oil outside the program in violation of U.N. sanctions. That poured much more money — $8.4 billion — into Saddam’s coffers from 1997-2003.

Saddam pocketed an additional $2.6 billion before the program started from illegal oil sales in violation of sanctions.

This is the same Saddam that Mrs Peter Davis said the Iraqi people should try to get rid of themselves, what horrible hypocrisy from the Prime Minister, on the one hand supporting the corrupt and useless UN and on the other trying to deny the Iraqi people freedom by refusing to participate in the Coalition of the Willing to free them from the oppression of a dictator.

Shame, Prime Minister, Shame…prostituting New Zealand’s Foreign policy to an organisation proven to have “illicit, unethical and corrupt behaviour”.


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