Nothing sucks like the media

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The media in this country seem to be rightly chuffed that they managed to steal an election.

They largely ignored Labour’s faults, fraud, lies and u-turns and beat-up stories about the Bretheren.

Where were they when Taito Philip Field was outed as a corrupt politician gaining financially beneficial favours in return for a good word to the Minister of Immigration before the election.

Nowhere is where they were.

And what do we see now?

Articles on Stuff that spout arrant nonsense like;

The caretaker government has ordered a speedy investigation into allegations around one of its ministers.

Caretaker Prime Minister Helen Clark announced today that Noel Ingram QC would investigate allegations over minister outside cabinet Taito Phillip Field involvement with an overstayer – and report back by October 4.

This isn’t speedy it is tardy in the extreme, it is over a week since this story broke.

Speedy is 180km/h to catch a rugby game.

Mr Field has denied any wrongdoing.

He said when he helped Mr Siriwan with the visa matter there was no plan for him to go to Samoa, and even once there Mr Field had not employed him.

He said Mr Siriwan had volunteered to work on his house. Mr Field’s wife had given Mr Siriwan about 200 tala (about ) a week as a gift for his help, but he was under no obligation to stay or work.

What a load of crap? Volunteered? Why on earth would he do that if not for favours with immigration?

This is corruption plain and simple.


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