Oh Dear, Oh Dear, It gets worse

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From the Herald

Immigration Minister Paul Swain has denied that he had any involvement in the case of a Thai overstayer who has been paid by a Government minister – despite meeting the overstayer at the minister’s house in Samoa.

Mr Swain, Foreign Minister Phil Goff, Labour MP Ross Robertson and senior officials from the New Zealand and Samoan Police all visited the house of Associate Justice Minister Taito Phillip Field during a break in official talks in Samoa in March.

Mr Field said he took the group to see progress on his two-storey house which was then being built.

And followed up by

Mr Field said yesterday that he now regretted that he had ever suggested that Mr Siriwan and Mr Williams should go to Samoa after Mr Siriwan’s application for refugee status in New Zealand was turned down.

I bet he does, if National are returned this weekend he can look forward to dismissal as an MP. If Labour are returned maybe he will get a stern talking to by Mrs Peter Davis.

The corruption, lies and hypocrisy of this government know no bounds.


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