Parties clash on ICT plans

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Maurice Williamson and David Cunliffe go head to head on ICT issues in the Herald this morning.

Cunliffe has the bald-faced audacity to say “I think Maurice Williamson has been an outstanding success at doing nothing and clearly his policy announcements show a determination to carry on in the same vein. “

A bit rich coming from a Government that has done precisely nothing in this area for six years. Now we get an election and some blatherings about broadband blah blah blah whateeever!

Maurice’s retort is ” My comment is about how dreadfully I got bagged back in the 90s for making so little progress. Labour said, this minister is just letting it drag and if we’re elected we’ll fix it. We’re six years into a Labour Government and it’s not yet fixed. “

Labour Policies

  • Improve the speed, price and availability of broadband internet.
  • Bring wholesale broadband regulation in line with Australia, Britain and the European Union if Telecom does not meet its 2005 wholesale targets.
  • Continue to implement the Digital Strategy (details available at
  • Extend Project Probe and the Advanced Research Network.
  • Ensure consumers benefit from a reduction in the cost of terminating calls on mobile networks.
  • Monitor Telecom’s transition to a next generation network.
  • Full policy available on the link below.

National Policies

  • Ensure the maintenance of generic competition law.
  • Respect property rights.
  • Maintain the office of Telecommunications Commissioner but ensure his rulings can be challenged by way of appeal.
  • Insist all players co-operate in the immediate implementation of number portability, and regulate an outcome if necessary.

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