Sir Humphreys strike a blow for fair coverage

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The good folk over at Sir Humphrey’s fresh from outing the Prime Money Water as an congenital lair have now proved that the Greens are just as duplicitous. The Greens whinged about the Pamphlet drop being based on outright lies…..seems they were correct…..they were (the Greens) telling outright lies themselves.

There is much to read but all worth it.

The 15 Charges/Verdicts are as follows; 14 Guilty and 1 innocent.

Outright Lie 1: Introduce a capital gains tax, Verdict: Guilty.
Outright Lie 2: Increase petrol and diesel taxes, Verdict: Guilty.
Outright Lie #3: Introduce a carbon tax, and increase petrol prices by 10%, eems like more spin than substance to me. Verdict: Guilty.
Outright Lie #4: Support the Kyoto protocol – the one billion dollar bungle.Verdict: Guilty of stupidity
Outright Lie #5: Add 4 new Government ministries, 6 agencies and 5 commissions – more bureaucrats including a resident artist, Verdict: They are beginning to sound like weasels.
Outright Lie #6: Cut defence spending by 50% and disarm our forces, Verdict: Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Guilty.
Outright Lie #7: Ban the building of new prisons, Verdict: Guilty.
Outright Lie #8: Spend roading money on uneconomic and novel public transport systems. Verdict: Guilty, but highly debatable.
Outright Lie #9: Block construction of vital new roads with tortuous RMA regulations. Verdict: Guilty by association.
Outright Lie #10: Push high country farmers off their lease-hold land. Verdict: Guilty
Outright Lie #11: Decriminalise illegal drugs like cannabis (marijuana) Verdict: Guilty of possession
Outright Lie #12: Offer financial assistance to cannabis growers for alternative employment. Verdict: Innocent
Outright Lie #13: Permit the right-to-roam over private property, Verdict: Guilty
Outright Lie #14: Create ‘rainbow’ communities. Legalise adoption for same-sex couples. Verdict: Guilty
Outright Lie #15: The Greens voted against protecting private property rights
Verdict: Guilty


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