Surprise, surprise, the Cops want Hawkins gone

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By lunchtime if necessary.

Despite falling crime rates, Hawkins has faced several problems, including the 111 fiasco and complaints that police have been focusing on traffic duties to the detriment of frontline work.

They had the following to say about Minister Dork-ins

“It would be great if he got the boot. He is not the most forthright minister we have had,” one senior officer said.

“He has let things slip. They (politicians) always say we have done this and that, but when you look closely, they haven’t done anything at all.”

The officer said not enough attention had been paid to the frontline, and police were battling to meet public needs.

“We need someone who will get in there and fight for us,” he said.

And what did they have to say about Mrs Peter Davis’s lackey

“Commissioner Rob Robinson hasn’t fought for us out in the open either.”


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