Sychophantic behaviour knows no bounds

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Over at Labour apologist Jordan Carter’s Just Left he wax’s lyrical;

We had a walkabout with Helen Clark today and the response in Lambton Quay was very warm. She’s been getting huge crowds everywhere she goes and really warm responses.

Then on TVNZ’s One News we see the said walkabout and lo and behold the “warm” response is a bunch of Labour toadies with red balloons surrounding Mrs Peter Davis.

Stuff also has a picture of the rapturous (or is that raptor-ous) look on her face (which incidentally bears no resemblence to the one on her pledge cards). With the balloons and all it looks very much like she is singing.

I wonder if the song goes like this “Thank you very much for your high taxation….”


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