The arrogance continues

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

My oh My an opinion piece from Political hack John Armstrong has castigated the Prime Money-Waster in his article this morning. Wonders never cease.

“the only question is whether the Prime Minister’s behaviour was another damaging example of the arrogance many voters now accuse her of displaying.”

“Air NZ’s reaction looked like overreaction. It did not help the Prime Minister either. It looked as if the airline was bowing and scraping to its majority owner – the Government.

It gave the appearance that in Air NZ economy class, some passengers are more equal than others.”

And what does Mrs Peter Davis have to say about the issue;

“It was a distressing incident because the pilot made comments that were factually wrong.”

I mean get over it woman, its not like he called you a dyke over the PA.

Mrs Peter Davis continues to act like a benevolent dictator with her travel arrangements. She must go.


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