The lefties have more cheek than a fat man's bum

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Fresh on Wikipedia is the following;

“She was also the first woman to become New Zealand Prime Minister for three terms.”


“Currently Helen Clark is now in her third term as New Zealand’s Prime Minister. She narrowly beat Don Brash from New Zealand National Party by 1.1% (in the preliminary results for 2005). “

I don’t know enough about Wiki to find out who is writing this shit, but it is a little premature to say the least.

The arrogance of these lefties knows no bounds.

Also on Wikipedia is the following about Don Brash

The election on 17 September was close with initial results from rural areas favoring national but by the end of the evening Labour had won 40.7% of the vote to Nationals 39.6%. Dr Brash initially refused to concede defeat but commentators agree he has little chance of being able to form a coalition.

Would they be the same commentators who said on Friday that Labour could govern alone????

Honestly crap like this demeans the value of Wikipedia as a source of “facts”


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