Things to remember

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The Herald has a list of things to remember, so good I thought It would copy it here as well.

As Helen Clark and Don Brash battle it out in the last days of the election campaign, below is a selection of some of the more memorable things about the two leaders.

Helen Clark, Labour party leader

* That motorcade.
* Visited the US and was assured by Colin Powell NZ is “a very, very, very good friend”, though not an ally.
* Signed a painting she didn’t paint.
* David Lange said of her she was “so dry she’s combustible”.
* Microwaves half-drunk cups of tea. Doesn’t own a dishwasher.
* Stared down the Israelis over the Mossad passport affair until they apologised.
* Sacked her own husband when as Minister of Health in 1989 she got rid of the entire Auckland Area Health Board. And didn’t tell him early over the cornflakes.
* Was a political science junior lecturer before entering politics.
* Met Pope John Paul II at the Vatican.
* Called John Campbell a “little creep” in the Corngate affair.
* Likes to commemorate New Zealand’s war dead – Anzac Cove, Korea, the Somme.
* Has been in Parliament since 1981.
* Has apologised to various groups for maltreatment in the past – Chinese immigrant workers, Samoans and gays.
* Has had issues at Waitangi: Titewhai, tears.
* Great grasp of policy detail.
* Was second leader on the calling card for new Chinese President Hu Jintao.
* Voted for Civil Unions.
* Has attended five Apec conferences and has the national costumes to prove it.
* Keen on cross-country skiing, mountain climbing and tramping, she has climbed mountains all over New Zealand and the Andes, and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

* * *

Don Brash, National Party leader

* Scholarly intellect: PhD in economics from Australian National University.
* Washed his socks in hotel bathrooms when on business.
* 14 years as Reserve Bank Governor. His signature is on our banknotes to prove it.
* Said he couldn’t attack Helen Clark in a TV debate because she was a woman.
* Ate corned beef, peas and KFC for three years after splitting from his wife.
* Can’t say specifically if he told US senators anti-nuclear law would be ‘gone by lunchtime’.
* Good record as Reserve Bank Governor in beating inflation.
* Has failed twice to win an electorate seat for National. Now he’s on the list.
* Wants one law for all.
* Hit by mud at Waitangi 2004 when he turned up to say that.
* Presbyterian minister’s son who no longer believes in the Almighty.
* Voted for prostitution reform
* Did you know his wife is from Singapore?
* Probably the world’s most ungainly Speedway driver.
* 1999 won the NZIER/Qantas “Economist of the Year” award.
* Used to vacuum his garage.
* He becomes eligible for national superannuation next week.
* Wants to appeal to mainstream New Zealanders but not always certain who they are.


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