U.S. Forces Give Iraqis Full Control Of Najaf

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Some thing you won’t see in the MSM here, a report of the handing over of control of an area of Iraq back to the Iraqi people.

The U.S. military pulled hundreds of troops out of the southern city of Najaf on Tuesday, transferring security duties to Iraqi forces and sticking to a schedule that the United States hopes will allow the withdrawal of tens of thousands of its forces by early spring.

These are the same people that Mrs Peter Davis would want to still be under the thumb of their opressive dictator despite his blantant ignoring of multiple UN resolutions.

Mrs Peter Davis hangs her hat on the “legality” of the War in the fact the soft cock UN didn’t authorise it.

If it wasn’t for people with back-bones and internal fortitude I doubt whether Saddam would have been kicked out any time soon.

It begs the question though, Is Labours Foreign policy written by the UN, France, Germany, China or the PLO?


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