Why this government should go

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From the Hawkes Bay Today (So excellent I will post it in full.)

It is time for a change. Labour has been in government long enough.

Its massive war chest, swollen by expropriations from citizens, just confirmed the arrogance of an administration that continues to misread a large part of its constituency.

Setting aside its hypocrisy, in trampling on its high-sounding ideals to remain in power, we say we’ve had enough of the smug, mother-knows-best conviction that a Government can dictate the way we must live and how we must think. That urge to legislate to correct human behaviour is reflected in the patronising belief that the state knows far better than the citizens themselves how to spend their own money.

And it shows in its embrace that smothers the very people it claims to want to help by depriving them of the incentive to change. With the soft bigotry of low expectations it cannot understand how treating adults as children, incapable of taking responsibility for themselves, in turn denies those citizens the will, or ability, to instruct their own children in society’s standards.

It can be seen in the energy spent promoting rights but not responsibilities, and in more concern being shown for those who commit crimes than for those hurt by them.

It is revealed in ambitions for more controls, such as anti-hate speech laws or rules enforcing the acceptability of breastfeeding in public.

It binds us all in a collectivist world view that subordinates individual initiative and legislates for the worst example.

Its enforced egalitarianism ensures sheep and goats can shine equally in our schools.

It plays God, meddling uninvited in cherished institutions from the honours list, to the Privy Council, to marriage. A ruthlessly secular champion of separation of church and state, its urge to foster multiculturalism obliges it to embrace all religions, except Christianity.

It disarms us, insulting our friends and leaving us a South Pacific parasite; a defence liability for our former allies.

It parades its vanity, intoxicated at the virtue of being first in line to sign up to an international global warming treaty (the need for such a flourish eclipsing any examination of the economic consequences).

In the hope of releasing us from the prejudices, the poverty and the oppressive judgmentalism of the past, this Government has been busy liberating society of the conditions that make possible the exercise of freedom.

It’s time it went.


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